Age of the Moon (2016)
TRT: 11 minutes
A brainy high school sophomore MARISSA sneaks out to join her cousin for a crazy Halloween party where she meets RONNIE, who goes to a nearby reform school. Despite their differences, Marissa and Ronnie feel a strong connection to each other. However, a tragic event following the night results a different kind of impact in Marissa’s heart.

2018BOGOSHORTS bajo la luna
2018Women's International Film & Arts Festival, New York
2017Festival de Cortos de Bogotá / Bogotá short film festival

Director's Statement:

When I read James Franco’s short story “Lockheed” for adaptation, I immediately identified with Marissa's desire, and focused on her personal journey that is more than just a teenage crush. It was not a typical coming­ of­ age story of a girl but rather a story about these pivotal moments in our lives that change how we perceive the world.

The film begins with a strong sense of Marissa’s romanticism and a longing for experiences outside her upper-middle class suburban life . Even in the most sterile, patriarchal environment, Marissa secretly explores romantic notions such as life, death and sex. Her desire leads her to a party - ­ a modern version of an initiation ritual. However, rather than becoming a form of sacrifice as in typical coming-of-age stories, Marissa participates and witnesses the ritual that catalyzes her maturity and growth. The event brings her closer to her understanding of life.

Cast: Joey King, McCaul Lombardi
Director: S. Kim-Ryu
Producers: James Franco, Marcela Santíbañez, Jeremie Guiraud, S. Kim-Ryu
Cinematographer: Julia Swain
Sound Design/ Composer: Jules Gimbrone

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